What is Microshading?

Ombré powder Microshading is a technique similar to Microblading, but creates a soft dusting of pigment instead of hair-like strokes to make a beautiful, powder-filled brow. The ombré effect is darker in the tail and mid-lower sections of the brow, and softly lightens toward the bulb and upper brow area, creating a very subtle and natural effect. This is our cosmetic artist’s favorite style! It creates shape, gives structure, and mimics a naturally full brow. 

Please be aware that semi-permanent make up is a two-step procedure. During the initial procedure, our cosmetic artist will implant and saturate pigment into the dermal layer of your skin. 4-12 weeks later, a touch-up procedure is recommended. This is where your eyebrows will be perfected and fine-tuned. Twelve weeks after your initial or touch-up procedure, all appointments will be considered additional touch-ups and will come at an additional cost.

The pigment used is semi-permanent and will fade over time. There are multiple factors that influence semi-permanent make up retention. To what degree and how quickly it will fade depends on your immune system, sun exposure, chemical peels or other facial treatments, age, skin type, medications, stress, diet, and other health conditions. 

In-Person consultations with our permanent cosmetic artist, Chayse Stover, are required to book this service. To book a consultation, please call the front desk at (303) 768-0500.


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